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Salumi e Formaggi

We at Pizza Republica are passionate about the art of Italian Salumi e Formaggi. These delicious meats and cheeses date back to medieval times and are a part of Italy’s ancient food heritage. Many of these Italian cheeses and meats have a PDO Classification, meaning Protection Designation of Origin. This is a status having historical origins with a heritage that dates back over 2,000 years. Hams, pig shoulders, and Pancetta became a monetary currency for commerce in the Middle Ages all over Italy. In the Renaissance era Salumi e Formaggi rose to an art form.

Salumi is a broad term encompassing all the artisanal meats Italy is globally known for. The word Salumi comes from the Italian word salume meaning salted meat derived from latin sal “salt”.

History states Salumi began over 2,400 years ago in the Roman-Etruscan period. The hind quarter of the pig was washed, rubbed with salt, hung in a cool dark cave and aged. This was the creation of Prosciutto and the birth of Salumi throughout Italy. Salami is an ancient tradition and refers to the cured meats made in sausage style. The meat is ground and often mixed with spices and fat, most commonly made from pork and aged for a minimum of 90 days and sometimes over a year.

Italians have a love affair with Formaggio or cheese. There are over 450 types of cheese made in Italy today. Italian Formaggi can be made from cow, goat, buffalo or sheep’s milk. The art of crafting these cheeses began in the Roman times and are now made throughout every region of Italy.

Italians have been creating and eating Formaggio for millenniums. At Pizza Republica we have Formaggio made with goat’s milk from the northern Italian Alps of Lombardy and Formaggio made with milk from cows that have grazed the hills of Veneto and the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our Chefs at Pizza Republica have worked hand in hand with Salumeria Biellese in NYC and with our local cheesemonger, Cheese Importers in Longmont Colorado. Together we have created an outstanding selection of Salumi e Formaggi. Please sample and enjoy the culinary art and history of Italy.

– Buon Appetito



The most prized ham in Italy from Parma. The Filet of the pig thigh is rubbed in a thick layer of salt, peppercorn, garlic and splashed with red wine. The ham is wrapped in its own bladder and dry cured for over a year. The result is a buttery, full flavored and intense ham.

 – Pair with a glass of Palladino Barbera d’Alba


Made from the top round of beef. The meat is soaked in wine and rubbed with dried spices, sugars and salts. It is then air dried for 60 days in the cool Italian Alps of Lombardy. Bresaola is rich and deep in beefy flavor.

– Pair with a glass of Vietti Perbacco

Sweet Coppa

Originating in Emilia-Romagna, Coppa is a Berkshire pork shoulder that is trimmed and seasoned with wine local wine and heirloom spices. Once spiced it is cured and aged for up to a year to achieve a natural earthy sweetness and a deep rich flavor.

– Pair with a glass of Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco

Cabecero Iberico de Bellota

The Cabacero is the top loin from the Iberico pig found in Cordoba Spain. This specific breed of the Iberico pig is classified as Bellota meaning for a duration of its life it has a strict diet of acorns. The top loin is rubbed with paprika and salt, it is then cured for 90 days. This meat is smoky, nutty and flavorful and will melt in your mouth.

– Pair with a glass of Aia Vechia Lagone



Berkshire pork is coarsely ground and mixed with fennel seed and fennel pollen giving it a rich, herbaceous and delicious flavor. Finochietta was born in the heart of Tuscany.

– Pair with a glass of Castello di Bossi Chianti


A large salami made from finely ground heat -cured pork and cubes of fat sprinkled throughout, stuffed in natural casing and slow cooked in brick ovens. Mortadella originated in Bologna with ancient roots to Rome. The result is a delicate meat that is fragrant and creamy in flavor.

– Pair with a glass of Carlin di Paolo Rosso


A spicy, spreadable salami made from pork. Delicious spread on crusty Foccacia. Nduja is from the southern part of Calabria where spicy food is loved.

– Pair with a glass of Tasca d’ Almerita Lamuri


Course ground pork seasoned with black pepper, cumin, red peppers, salt and garlic. Sopressata originated in Southern Italy. The meat comes from cuts of the leg, shoulder, loin and back. It is filled in natural casing and aged for 60-120 days. The result is a dry, rustic, rich and meaty Salami.

– Pair with a glass of Sanguineti Maestro



A cheese made with cow’s milk from Veneto and aged for 8 months. The name Ubriacone is an affectionate term for “The Big Italian Drunk”. The wheel of cheese is pierced and bathed in local wine. This is a sharp and nutty cheese.

– Pair with a glass of Lechthaler Pinot Noir

Pecorino Pepato

A cheese made with Sheep’s milk from Rome and aged for 6 months. Whole black peppercorns are mixed throughout the cheese. This firm cheese is rich, full flavored and strikes a rich balance between spice and nuttiness.

– Pair with a glass of Fattoria Rodano Poggialupi


A cheese made with cow’s milk from Veneto and aged 16 months. The milk is from the Bruno Alpina cow that feeds on fresh foliage on surrounding mountain pastures. The cheese is sweet, nutty and speckled with crystals.

– Pair with a glass of Zardetto Prosecco

Cru di Capra

A cheese made with goat’s milk from Lombardy and aged 4 months. This cheese is ivory white, milky and creamy with a slight tartness. Cru di Capra is aged in natural caves that have been used since the 9th century.

– Pair with a glass of Tramin Sauvignon Blanc


A cheese made with cow’s milk handmade in California. Burrata means buttery in Italian and this translates to the creamy texture. The outside is firm, and the inside has a soft creamy mixture of curd and fresh cream.

– Pair with a glass of Capostrano Matelica

Casatica di Bufala

A cheese made with buffalo milk from Lombardy and aged 40 days. This cheese is creamy and white with a sweet, delicate and earthy taste and a slight tang in the finish.

– Pair with a glass of Inami Vin Soave

Barba Blu

A cheese made with goat’s milk from Lombardy and aged 90 days. A soft, tangy and creamy blue cheese made from goat’s milk that graze freely in the Italian Alps of Lombardy.

– Pair with a glass of Tramin Sauvignon Blanc

Robiola di Bosco

A cheese made with cow’s milk from Lombardy and aged 45 days. This cheese is firm, aromatic and pungent with a fruity finish and a touch of saltiness.

– Pair with a glass of Carlin di Paolo Rose

Pane e Marmellata

House Made Ciabatta

4 pieces

House Made Foccaccia

4 pieces

Pear Mostarda

Candied pears with a hint of mustard essence. Made in Emilia-Romagna

Green Tomato Mostarda

Candied green tomatoes with a hint of lemon and the essence of mustard. Made in Emilia-Romagna

Fig and Honey Marmalade

A smooth and tangy marmalade with figs and honey made from Lemon flowers. Made in Spain


An Italian syrup made from cooking down grape must. A drizzle is delicious to accompany the flavors of our Artisanal meats and cheeses. Made in Piedmont

Leon di Cortona, EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is delicious to dip and drizzle your breads. Made in Italy

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