Specials Starting August 1st

Buon Ferragosto

Ferragosto, the traditional holiday dating back to the time of Emperor Augustus, technically runs from Aug. 15 to Sep. 1. That’s when Italian families tend to take their holidays, and when stores and restaurants (particularly the smaller, family-run establishments) often are closed.  It’s a time for Families to gather and enjoy some time together, to rest before the harvest or return to school.  Summer Beach Fare and Light Salads, Pasta, and Seafood

We will run the following Specials:

  • Verbo Rose for $25 a Bottle
  • Watermelon Caprese $12
  • Prosciutto & Melon $12
  • Roasted Red Pepper Ravioli, Pan Roasted Zucchini, Garlic, Pesto Cream Sauce, Micro Basil, Basil Oil $24
  • Seared Amalfi Tuna, Baby Heirloom Tomato, Fingerlings, Artichoke, Kalamata Olives, Green Beans, Red Onion, Dijon Vinaigrette $25

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